"I just wanted to say thank you again for the course yesterday. It was a game changer for me and how I view myself and my business. It was the single most important meeting I have attended in the 8 and a half years of running my business. What you do and provide for people is amazing."


Jim Thompson - Mr Creator


"This week I went on Toby Acton’s Entrepreneur Training Day and have been buzzing with new ideas and thoughts about my business ever since. I found Toby very inspiring and the course incredibly engaging. There were definitely some points at which I re-thought the way I promote my business. I feel excited about moving my business forward and emboldened to grow my business faster. I thought I was already focussing well on my business growth but can now see ways to improve and would definitely recommend this day to anyone with a small or micro business as I think everyone will benefit. Thank you Toby!"

Katherine Phillips - Pop Connect


"The Pro Networking Training day was engaging and inspiring, when you finish the day with a list of actions you know it's a day well spent.
I am now able to recognise and articulate my 'Value Proposition', my confidence regarding how to network has grown to a point I cannot wait to get to the next networking event. Instead of feeling awkward and out of my depth I now have a clear view of my value and connections to others and what connections would be most valuable to help me reach my goals."


Kerrie Eastman - Streets2Homes


"I had a great opportunity given to me by Toby, to attend one of his peer mentoring groups. The session is an excellent opportunity to meet other business owners/ entrepreneurs who sit in the same boat as yourself. The session gives you the opportunity to focus on your business and reflect upon what is working well, and what could work better. It helps you set achievable targets whilst also holding yourself accountable for the targets you set. I have struggled with my work life/ home life as the business is now coming into its second year, and as a working Mum I now acknowledge that I need to manage myself/ work/ life in a more healthy way, and for that alone I can only thank Toby for helping me find that perspective. I would highly recommend to all."


Ellen Beckenham - Vine Consultant Services


"I had the pleasure of joining Toby’s Pro Networker Training day which was absolutely fantastic.

I signed up as I wanted to increase my confidence around the way I network. Toby’s training day was very insightful and took me by surprise in a very good way. I learnt so much and came away with so many great ‘light-bulb’ moments. With Toby’s help, I’ve been able to construct a much better 60 second pitch to really emphasise my services and ideal clients – something I massively lacked on before.

In addition, I also a greater understanding on the true benefits on networking and connecting with others. Toby’s training doesn’t just touch on ‘how to network’ – it’s so much more than that, Toby also helps you build better confidence and to have a clearer understanding on your objectives and business goals.

The set-up of the training was brilliant – it’s also a fantastic and very supportive way to connect and to provide/receive support from others in the room.  A really great day and very good value for money."


Lisa Ferris - Your VLA


"If you have not done Toby's course, you should!  He has a way of explaining how, why and where to network in a language that you can apply straight away."


Kam Patel - Kaysons Solicitors


"Pro Networking training gave me much more than just the idea of how to talk to people when I am networking. I clarified the vision for my business and really thought about why people would want to buy my services and what I really want to offer. I think I never really understood the client's "pain" and this workshop helped me to identify what I help my clients with on a deeper level. I have now tried my newly learned pitch at a networking event and it worked magically. It opens conversations, which is essential to make valuable connections. I highly recommend this course."


Edie Piorkowska - Transformations Life Coaching


"I first saw Toby several years ago at an event where he gave a presentation for a business he was involved with at the time and I was struck by how inspiring and motivational he came across. When I saw him again several years later at a networking event I remembered him immediately and was not surprised to hear how well his business had grown as a result of his mentoring and support skills. When I learned he was holding workshops through the Sales Master Guild I didn’t hesitate to attend and I was not disappointed. Although I have run a successful Wealth Management business for over 10 years I am always eager to learn how I can improve the service to my clients and build on my self development. Toby’s workshop helped me in both these areas and more. It was professional, interesting and fun teaching how to look at yourself and your business in ways not considered before. I came away motivated and my clients and business have benefited as a result. I have committed to attending more workshops with Toby in the next few weeks and have recommended his guidance to others regardless whether they are new to business or experienced"

Lesley Reeves - SLR Wealth Services


"Working with Toby and the mentoring group was really helpful. It showed me that whatever your business sector or background, business owners often face very similar problems. Listening to the advice and expertise of the rest of the peer group was really enlightening."
Jason Levy - Dynamic Pear


"Thank you Toby for an informative and constructive day. There was a lot to take in and think about and I very much enjoyed being part of the group and felt a lot clearer in myself and my business. It also highlighted areas I need to work on in order to make it a success. You were professional, obliging and helpful whenever we had questions or needed advice. I would highly recommend this workshop for anyone starting out in business or owns a business but needs clarity, direction or structure. It's encouraging to know that there are people out there willing to go the extra mile to help get you to where you want to be. I look forward to working with you in the future"


Lorren Kenny - Colour Your Soul


“Although many of the concepts Toby presented were familiar to me, he brought an insight and dynamism that meant I came away with some solid ideas for improving my business. I’d definitely recommend his training.”


Nick Blatchley - Nick Blatchley Copywriting


"I would like to thank you for the course which I found really interesting and I could see myself in a lot of what you discussed. Some of the aspects of the course were really helpful and would definitely recommend my colleagues to attend one. Thanks for your professional tuition and look forward to the next step!"


Steve Varney - dōTERRA