Pro Networker Training

Do You Want More Business From Your Networking Activities?


Despite there being a vast amount of opportunities to be had at Networking events, most networkers simply don't get
a decent return from getting out there.

So exactly what is the formula for making it pay?

Step 1 Fine tune your "Value Proposition" before you arrive at a meeting.  Your value proposition is the thing that attracts people to you and without it being finely tuned, you simply will not be identified as the goto person for what you do.

Step 2 is in running an elegant strategy during your introduction to the room and having a compelling answer to the what do you do question, one that is polished and honed to be fit for purpose.

Step 3 is in having a solid strategy for agreeing the next point of contact before you complete each conversation

Bizarrely most people think that networking is a long term strategy, when the truth is that you can achieve results very quickly if you know the correct process and strategies for making networking profitable today...

In this 1 day workshop style training you'll learn:-


  1. A robust strategy for meeting the right people at an event
  2. A finely tuned answer to the what do you do question
  3. A structured and memorable 40 or 60 second pitch to the room
  4. A solid structure to your conversations
  5. An elegant way to exchanging cards and agreeing a follow up call to meet


If at the end of this workshop training you do not feel 100% more confident
that you can gain more business from your networking, we'll refund your course fee...


Date & Location / Course
Pro Networker Training Workshop - 21st September, 2020
9.30-16.30 The Marriott Hotel Waltham Abbey