Monthly Peer Group Mentoring


Designed to take you from where you are now

to a £100,000+pa personal income


There is a formula for success, a blueprint that when learnt and applied results in success when an individual is 100% 'committed' to making it happen, we also know that that if you invest in working with like minded people you become the average of those around you, which is why this mentored peer group is so powerful.

But and there is a huge BUT, your success WILL only become a reality by you taking action on what you learn, applying the strategies and focusing 'all' of your attention on those things that absolutely will result in Growth, Sales and INCOME. For this reason project Blueprint is not for everyone! as it requires a total commitment to achieving the success you seek. For those that do go 'all in' the fruits of success are as near certain as it is that those who do not, will not...

So why does mentoring work?

Just like the new-years resolutions, most of us start with great intentions, but without someone to help keep us on track, most will quickly fall back into their old ways and habits, a Mentor & Peer Group will keep you on the path, hold you accountable and constantly nudge you to form more profitable outcome driven habits that result in true success.


Over the years we have refined and developed the Monthly Mentoring Program into the amazing success formula that it is today, where members not only rapidly increase their own sales and income, but also share their knowledge and invite their business friends to join them on Peer Group.

What does £100kpa monthly Peer Group Mentoring look like?

Each month you'll work with up to 12 like-minded business owners within a structured ½ day mentoring session with a Sales Masters Guild Business Certified Mentor, where you will focus on your business model to constantly refine your business to generate the work-life balance you want from having your business generate the personal income that affords the lifestyle you want.


Our mantra

Decide - Commit - Succeed


Date & Location / Course
£100kpa Peer Group Mentoring session - 4th September, 2019
9.30-12.30 The Marriott Hotel Waltham Abbey
£100kpa Peer Group Mentoring session - 2nd October, 2019
9.30-12.30 The Marriott Hotel Waltham Abbey
£100kpa Peer Group Mentoring session - 6th November, 2019
9.30-12.30 The Marriott Hotel Waltham Abbey
£100kpa Peer Group Mentoring session - 4th December, 2019
9.30-12.30 The Marriott Hotel Waltham Abbey